Meet Curt Dawkins- Background

I have been involved in process manufacturing industries for 19 years, after earning a  degree in Purchasing and Materials Management from Florida State University.  The real education began with my first job, as MRO buyer for the start-up of Champion International’s paper mill in Quinnesec, MI.  Most importantly, the lessons of developing and maintaining strong supplier relationships were learned and they form the foundation on which PolyTran, Inc. stands.

Next on the journey was a move back to Florida as the Fiber Buyer for Stone Container’s paper mill in Jacksonville which was being converted to use a 100% recycled paper furnish.  With over 100 suppliers, and a mill that consumed 1,500 tons per day of recycled cardboard, the pace was often hectic.  The experience of buying the mill’s critical raw material, through the swings of major commodity market cycles was invaluable and further emphasized how important relationships are for business success.

After working for two Fortune 500 companies, an opportunity to help grow a small recycled fiber firm was offered.  I joined Gulf Coast Fibres in Tampa as Vice President and became immersed in the concept of brokerage sales.  We supplied most grades of recycled paper to major mills in the southern U.S. and Latin America.  I learned quickly that brokers can only sell what they are able to buy first, so suppliers are treated like customers, and that great service is paramount for success.  The experience of creating an integral link in the supply chains of many customers was gratifying and I developed the business process and tools which serve me to this day.

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