We have relationships with leading manufacturers which ensure us a broad range of capabilities and geographic reach.  As a result, we are well suited to supply the following industries:

Cellulose Insulation
Wood Shavings for Animal Bedding
Wood Pellets for Animal Bedding and Fuel
Grains and Seeds
Hydro-Seed and Hydraulic Mulch
Lawn and Garden- Landscape Mulch, Fertilizer, Soil Amendments
Cement and Aggregates

Full Service.  From bag art conception to bags on your floor, we’ve got you covered.  We have complete graphics and plate making capabilities with our suppliers and through an independent agency.  When your packaging order is complete, we handle freight to your door to ensure a timely delivery.

Custom solutions.  No two customers of ours are alike.  Even if they are packaging the same type of product, chances are they have different packaging equipment, take-away conveyors, trailer or railcar loading equipment, etc…  As you may have experienced, even climate inside or outside the plant can affect the way some packaging performs. 


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